What to See in Boracay

Mount Luho

Located in Barangay Balabag between Bulabog and Lapuz-lapuz beaches. View deck highest elevation 100 meters above sea level. Very easy hike up the steep road going north from Barangay Bulabog. Natural staircase. Fantastic view of the ocean surrounding Boracay Island. From here you can see Bulabog Beach, Ilig-iligan Beach, Lapuz-lapuz Beach and Fairways and Bluewater with its 18-hole golf course.

here was really nothing so special about the view deck itself. It was just a very simple view deck but then what was so stunning about it was the view. The view was simply spectacular and fantastic. -Sofie Hoffman

Boracay Rock

An islet that is undercut by the sea. It is a natural formation where abundant marine life can be found along its surroundings. Tourists love to have their photos taken with Boracay Rock in the background

Willy’s Rock

One of the most photographed landmark on Boracay Island, Willy’s Rock is situated across Boat Station 1 beach. A few steps of stairs are etched into this volcanic rock leading up to a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Boracay Butterfly Farm and Garden

Established in 2005, this butterfly sanctuary is home to more than 300 species of butterflies and more than 200 plant species. It is a common stop for the Island Hopping Boat Tours.

Sunken Forest or Dead Forest

Branches of dead mangrove reaching out from the water create an eerie feel. What used to be a mangrove forest was destroyed when the dam broke and seawater flowed into the pond. It is a favorite of photographers and has been a location for many films. Dead Forest can be reached from Lagutan Road or Lagutan Beach by foot.

Kingfisher Farm

30 meters from the main road opposite Boat Station 3 in Lugotan or Lagutan, Kingfisher Farm is surrounded by a saltwater fishpond and lush garden with a diverse collection of flora and fauna.

Bat Watching

Bats with up to 4 feet of wingspan are a common sight in Barangay Yapak. The northern tip of Boracay Island is home to a bat cave that houses golden crowned flying fox, giant flying fox and variable flying foxes. The bats can be seen flying during sunset. For the more adventurous, hire a dive guide to take you inside the caves.

Crocodile Island

From a distance, this small uninhabited island looks like the head of a crocodile. Currents can be fierce except at slack tide, which makes for a beautiful collection of corals. It is a gently sloping wall with several canyons and caves containing a wide diversity of fish.

Mambo Number 5

For the adventure-driven, “Mambo Number 5″ is a little bit of boating and wind surfing, a little bit of scuba diving, a little bit of trekking, a little bit of mountain biking, and a little bit of golf.



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