What to Do in Boracay Island

Nature Tripping

World-renowned Boracay is an adventure island ideal for island hopping, trekking, caving, mountain climbing, biking and horseback riding. Trekking and mountain biking can bring even the intrepid to the island’s quaint interior villages and to the edges’ scenic rocky cliffs, discovering along the way many hidden coves with isolated beaches far from the tourist crowd.

Tibiao Whitewater River

Rising near the peak of Mt. Madja-as, the Tibiao River is almost 2000 meters on its short but tumultuous journey to the sea. The lower section of the river, known as the “Chicken Run”, is grade 3; the more difficult upper section reaches grade 4. The Tibiao has all the classic features of a tropical whitewater river, with rich vegetation hemming the banks, views of rice terraces, spectacular falls and clear water. The river is close to Boracay and easily accessible.

Recreational Sports

Laid-back Boracay is the perfect venue for golf, tennis, bowling, horseback riding, even beach volleyball. Top-of-class amenities for these activities are available in the island.

Tennis Courts

Tirol & Tirol Tennis Court

Balabag, Boracay Island

Tel. No.             (036) 288-3165

Bowling Lanes

Datu Clubhouse

Balabag, Boracay Island

Tel. No.             (036) 288-3377

Horseback Riding Center

Boracay Horse Riding Stable

Balabag, Boracay Island

Tel. No.             (036) 288-3311

Golf Course

Fairways & Bluewater Golf & Country Club

Balabag, Boracay Island

Tel No.              (036) 2885587-89/5437

Fax:                  (036) 2885176

Email:               [email protected]

Website:           www.fairways-boracay.com

Health and Wellness

The island of Boracay is ideal for beach bumming, relaxing, and simply lazing around. At the end of the day, unwind with a relaxing massage. The island never runs out of skilled masseurs offering massage services by the beach.

Health Spas

Mandala Spa

Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

Tel. No.             (036) 288-5858

Yasuragi Relaxation Spa

Angol Point, Station 3, Boracay Island

Tel. No.             (036) 288-5320



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