Bulabog Beach

When lazing around the White Beach of Boracay, it is a common sight to catch a glimpse of paragliders or kiteboarders riding against the winds on the other side of the island.

Known as the Bulabog Beach, the 2.5 km long strip on the eastern part of Boracay is popular for being a windsurfer’s paradise. During the early months of the year, windsurfers can be seen skimming through the waters and taking advantage of the season of strong winds. Also, before the southwest monsoon hits the area, kitesurfers enjoy their own taste of the wind-dependent sport. Almost similar to wakeboarding and windsurfing, kitesurfing uses a power kite hooked onto the surfers wait belt and a board smaller than the one for windsurfing.

Bulabog Beach is the perfect spot to go to if you want to drift away from the club and party scene of the White Beach. Take a quiet walk along the beach and feel the breeze on your face, fly your own kite and re-experience the childhood game or just get in gear and enjoy the windsports.

Bulabog is fine for windsurfing and kiteboarding during the Amihan Season (cool northeastern winds), which is usually between September through June. Which explains why this beach is dominated by windsurfers and kiteboarders.