Boracay is famous for its 14 beautiful beaches that are covered with white powdery sand. This paradise island is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Asia. It’s hard to pinpoint the best Boracay beaches since each one of them has something special to offer.

Philippines Boracay Beaches can make your vacation truly unforgettable, even if you visit just a couple of them. The beaches in this tropical paradise offer the visitors a wide variety of fun activities, besides simple swimming and sun tanning. However, if your goal is to lie on a beach, sipping a cocktail, and taking in the view, each one of the Boracay beaches can easily suit your purpose.

5 Most Popular Boracay Beaches

If you are after popular sites, you will definitely need to visit the following beaches:

White Beach – Perfect Beach for a Fun Holiday

Most tourists consider White beach to be the best Boracay destination. It’s one of the top 100 beaches in the world.

Bulabog Beach – Perfect Beach for Windsurfing

Bulabog beach is located on the opposite coast from White beach. Thanks to a steady wind, it’s the best choice for windsurfing and kiting. The beach is divided into two zones: windsurfing and swimming. Both zones are rather shallow.

Diniwid Beach – Perfect Beach for a Quiet Holiday

Diniwid is different from most Boracay beaches since it’s hidden in a small harbor that separates it from the loud tourist crowds of White beach. Due to this, the hotels there are less affordable.

Balinghai Beach - Perfect Beach for Snorkeling

This is a small beach located near Dinwid. Balinghai is a great place to do snorkeling since corals are not far away from the coast.

Puka Beach - Perfect Beach for a Romantic Holiday

This is a small beach that lacks the usual set of restaurants, bars, and hotels. It’s a secluded place, which is perfect for romantic walks under the moon. The beach has impeccable white sand and is surrounded by a palm forest.

These beaches are just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty other locations to choose from. You can browse more detailed descriptions in our catalogue.