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Finding the right boracay hotel for your well deserved vacation can be daunting. Even for such a small beach island, there are over 300 boracay hotels and resorts to choose from. Accommodations vary by location, service, amenities and price. Sometimes it can also be quite confusing when accommodations classified as “hotels” turns out to be a small little backpacker’s inn. Whatever your needs, Boracay-Hotels.net will help you decide which boracay hotel will suit your taste, style and budget.

Where and what is Boracay?

Boracay Island is a tropical island paradise with fine powdery white sand, located in the middle of the Philippine islands.

Visited by over 600,000 tourists a year, Boracay is twice cited as the “Best Beach in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler. The wide range of activities that are available in Boracay probably make it so. Beach goers can go island hopping, bask in the sun, windsurf, shop, party and even ride a small ferris wheel on the island!

Hotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfast. What’s the difference?

The differences can be big. A lot of boracay islands’ accommodations are named as “resorts”, although the term is used quite liberally. A Boracay resort might be five stars or can be downright shabby. The same goes for Boracay hotels, some of which you can barely even call an “inn”. For the sake of simplicity, on this website we will refer to all accommodations in Boracay as “hotels”. Read more about the different types of accomodation in Boracay.

What to look for in Boracay hotels?

Location. There’s quite a number of Boracay beach resorts. While some beaches can be rowdy and partying all day, other spots are serene and tranquil. In choosing a hotel in Boracay, you should consider what beach it is in or close to and whether it is on the beach front or not. You should also consider the location according to your priorities. If you are in Boracay for the partying and nightlife, the hotels in and around Boat Stations 1, 2 and 3  are well suited. If, on the other hand, you are in Boracay for a getaway and seek a more relaxing stay, hotels in Barangay Yapak or Barangay Manoc-manoc might be for you.

Service. Filipinos are known for their hospitality and for good reason. Warm smiles from hotel staff are not uncommon. From small hotels to luxurious ones, service is generally good to great.

Amenities. Most mid-range to high-end boracay hotels have basic amenities such as television, refrigerator, telephone, safety deposit boxes look out for hot water,

Price. Prices for a night in Boracay can range from $20 to $500 a night. It is helpful to always remember this phrase when choosing a hotel, “you get what you pay for”.